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What our members say about us...

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"I started my weight loss journey at a massive 16st lb4 in December 2017, in April 2018, I was 15st 9lb! I joined the gym and with my diet plan and the help of the PT's at Canalside I’m now 11st 7lb.

Although at times my body says they’re trying to kill me! They actually keep you going and enjoying yourself so you don’t mind the post workout aches, at least I know I’m being worked

Much gratitude to them "


"I enjoy being a member of Canalside Fitness because the gym is friendly and it motivates me to work out with other people.  I sustained a complex injury which I have been working to rehabilitate following a training plan developed specifically for my needs.  They worked closely with me to ensure the plan remains appropriate and reviews it every 6 weeks or so.  

I would recommend this gym because it is good value for money, it has a friendly atmosphere amongst staff and members and the staff are extremely helpful."

Michael Smith

We enjoy training at Canalside Fitness because they have helped us to improve our technique to prevent us from developing further injuries.  They are excellent PT's, friendly and share our love of food!!  They understand our limits and keep us safe from injury whilst still pushing us to improve our strength and fitness.  We always train together yet our workouts are tailored to each of our needs and adapted as necessary, ensuring we both get a great workout.  Our training is planned and  well structured.  

Katie recommended the gym and personal training to her husband because of the above to ensure he is able to improve his technique without developing injury.

Katie and Annette

"Canalside Fitness is great value for money.  The team are friendly and not intimidating.  We have easy access to personal training and that keeps me motivated.  The PT's adjust my goals and training programme to make sure that I am not doing the same exercises over and over, and this allows me to push myself.  It also gives me the motivation to know that I need to go to the gym to improve!

The gym has a great sense of community, it is not elitist and there are a mixture of members with a range of ages, abilities and gender." 


I've been to many gyms over the years, but Canalside is the only one I've found that really is interested in helping you to achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion, tone up to look good in your favourite outfit or just improve your overall fitness so that you can make the most of every day, Canalside will help you get there. It's the staff that make the difference.


Paul is a fantastic PT, his sessions are always challenging, but somehow he has a way of enabling you to achieve what you never thought possible. He's a great motivator, always encouraging and goes out of his way to understand why you might be struggling with a particular exercise and find a variation that you can do. More than that, he knows lots about diet and how to prevent and recover from injuries, so that you feel totally confident in performing the exercises that he has planned for you. Since training with Paul, my strength has really improved, my shape has altered for the better and my new level of fitness allows me to enjoy my dance classes to the full. There's still a way to go, but because the sessions are always fun and constantly changing, I know that I'll keep going and get there in the end!  


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